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Usher Ministry 

Mission Statement: To enable worshippers to feel welcome and comfortable. To fulfill this mission, we will remember to smile, be polite, and communicate to the worshippers clearly. We will maintain order by assisting worshippers to their seats and will be knowledgeable of all venues. We will offer assistance to all worshippers, regardless of their needs. We will work to solve problems and answer questions and will be professional in our dress as well as in our behavior. In accomplishing our mission, we will fulfill New Jerusalem Baptist Church’s mission to enhance the church and embrace the community through excellent service.


Ushers are extremely important in conveying friendliness and hospitality to worshipers—both regular worshipers and guests. You set the tone by often offering the first welcome and what you do contributes immensely to the orderliness of the service. Families are welcome to usher together.

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