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Pastor Pastor K.W. Stephens, B.Th., M.Div., MSW

Personal Mission Statement 

To be led by the Holy Spirit and govern by the body, which means to see, biblically, yet simply, "Seeing what God sees". To equip the believer to see him/herself the way God sees him/her as a person and to equip the saint for mature into full-time Christian service.

Personal Vision Statement 

To lead and guide God's people as an example of holiness and teaching God's word thoroughly and faithfully, so that God's people may grow in the knowledge and understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ. To be committed, faithful and loyal to those in whom our Lord guide my way. Remaining diligent to the task of the Personal Holiness, Preaching God's word, evangelizing the lost, disciplining God's people, loving God's people, and equipping the saints for the work of the Ministry. To this task, I commit my life and heart dedication.


Pastor K. W. Stephens received his early education in Midland and his later years in high school Longview, Texas. Additionally, he received his Associate of Science, General Studies from City University, Bellevue, Washington; a Bachelor of Theology Degree from Golden Grain Bible College and Seminary, Ventura, California; a Bachelor of Applied Science, Business Administration, Social Science, Humanities and Religious Studies from East Texas Baptist University, Marshall, Texas; a Master Degree of Divinity from The Trinity College and University, Dover, Delaware; and a Master of Social Work from Stephens F. Austin  State University, Nacogdoches, Texas.


Pastor Stephens retired from the United States Navy in September 2003 where he was an administrative professional who was extremely skilled in military justice and legal matter, as well as in Human Resource management. He also served as the command chaplain in the absence of the Command Chaplain because of the command trust in his ability to carrying out his responsibility with integrity and the pastoral care of the entire unit.


Pastor K. W. Stephens served as a deacon at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Oxnard, California; associate minister at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Oxnard, California; associate minister at Trinity Baptist Church, Oxnard, California; associate minister at New Saint Mark Baptist Church, Norfolk, Virginia; and associate minister at Antioch Baptist Church Waco, Texas. Further, he served as assistant pastor at New Vision Baptist Church,

O​xnard, California; and associate pastor at Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Longview, Texas. Finally, he was the formal pastor of God's Will Missionary Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas.




Pastor Stephens is married to Lilian Stephens. Together they have; adult children (daughters Kennisha  and Leah), son Tyler and grandchildren  Ke'Ziyah, Jon 'Tavius, Aaliyah, Demauni and Serenity  

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