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Brotherhood Ministry 


The Mission Statement: The Men of God, humbly and prayerfully seeking the Face of God.


  • Men called to sacrifice

  • Men called to service

  • Men called to lead


The Brotherhood Ministry is a fellowship, which enables the men of the church to be ministers of the Word through an action-study approach that encourages their involvement in missions, ministry, and evangelism. The Brotherhood Ministry looks at themselves as a group of consecrated men under girding the Pastor and supporting the entire program of the church.


The Purpose:


The Brotherhood Ministry is to support the Pastor and all church programs to promote the spiritual and personal development of all men and to develop young men to become leaders and citizens in the church, home and community.


The following are proposed ministry events:


  • Camaraderie Nights

  • Annual Men’s Prayer Breakfast

  • The Exemplary Husband Bible Study

  • Men’s Healthcare Seminars

  • Annual Turkey Bowl (Flag Football Game) – Thanksgiving Morning










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