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DFSM Women Support and Empowerment Group 

You do not have to look like what you have been through, l us help 

One of the Mission for Dress for Success Ministry is to help give confidence to women who have been through abuse or anyone who is struggling to get back to work by providing for them outfits that can give them confidence and belief in themselves so that they are able to find a job and gain independence. There are mothers that paused their career for a while to raise children or take care of a family member, but are now ready to go back to work. This ministry is volunteer led to help people back to work so as to live the life God intended for them. In order for a woman to succeed in life there we have to look at the WHOLE Woman. Her spiritual needs, Her physical needs and every aspect of a woman's life. 
Also to achieve success the ministry will hold a  women support group. This support group  focus on talking about careers, help with resumes, job search leads, dressing for success etc. occasionally we will invite someone in the career field join us 
Fifth Saturday. Dress for Success Ministry will hold our first women's support and empowerment group June 30th. Its  an intimate space where women could gather to network and share resources—inspiring each other to revive old goals, make new ones and move towards them. Basically we will meet to pray together and be a support for each that.  The day will include  talking about careers, school, dressing for success, resumes and any other topics brought by the ladies and volunteering at the dress for success.
Works Shop Date to be announced: Dress for Success Ministry will schedule free workshops such as computer basic computer basics, workplace communications and relations and resume reviews.

Key note speaker  (To be announced )  (Topic :Work after taking time off to take care of children)

Resume Review : Do you need your resume looked at by an employer and reviewed?   Do you need a second pair of eyes to proof read it or reviewed? Bring your resume on a USB drive or in your email to and it will be reviewed!  A Volunteer will help with this process. On this day we will have a volunteer employer  to review your resume and give suggestions.   ,  

Having issues with your resume? •Unsure of how to format? •Need a second pair of eyes to proof read it or reviewed? Bring your resume on a USB drive or in your email and have someone look at it. 

For all those on the job search, stop in and have your resume spruced up!


At the end of the work shop  job seekers  will get outfit for job search.  Please sign up if you want to be support group or  to volunteer call 817-517-8117 speak to Sister Stephens


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