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Church and Domestic Abuse 

God wants to work in us and through us to help others to know Him better. He wants to use us to poke holes in the darkness that surrounds people’s lives. And this is one of those areas of darkness that I believe He wants to use us, so that sin is exposed to His light for cleansing and healing.

Christian marriage is a covenant whereby two people affirm before God their commitment to love, to respect, and to cherish one another in all of life’s circumstances. With God’s help, the couple promises to love another just as God loves us. Domestic violence is a violation of this covenant and should not be tolerated in a Christian marriage. It is the role of the church to provide a safe and loving environment for the victim of the abuse and to help the abuser see the wrong in his/her actions and to seek repentance and help for what he/she has done.”
Domestic Abuse needs to be addressed in church. Many victims of Domestic violence do not deal with it openly therefore victims are alone crying alone within their homes and avoid to seek help that they need. It is important to bring this in the light.  As a Church we stand to support domestic violence victims instead of turning a deaf ear. 


The Good Samaritan

The parable Jesus taught of the Good Samaritan (in Luke 10). Even the religious leader, who should have known better and should have shown the most mercy, for the most part ignored the person needing help. And Jesus pointed out that the Samaritan who stopped was more of a “neighbor” who was doing good than anyone else, (which would include the religious leader). He said to the person (and all of us), “Go and do likewise” in referring to giving help to others who need it.
As a church, we simply can’t keep ignoring or looking the other way because we don’t know what to do with the situation of violence in the home. We may not know NOW what to do, but we need to make it our business to find out and pro-actively help those who need help. Marriage is a sacred commitment of love and faith and mutual caring for one another. And when one partner is violating another in such horrendous ways, we as a body of Believers, need to help in whatever way we can, to cause the violence to stop.


Each one of us may not be able to do a lot to address this issue to help those who are being violated by domestic abuse. But if each one of us does something —let’s at least do SOMETHING —it can be like a mighty rushing water. Each drop combined with others contributes something to moving this terrible situation into one in which God’s mercy can wash away the debris so it can be better seen and dealt with, within the church body (written by Cindy Wright).

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